Aimie’s experiencing the world of work with Step Up!

Aimie is currently completing work experience at Rashays, Stockland Greenhills, as part of Mai-Wel’s Step Up program.

Step Up is a program that is available for people with a disability to build their work capacity in order to gain open employment in the future. For Aimie, who has worked in an Australian Disability Enterprise since 2008, her NDIS funding to access capacity building supports has allowed her to take part in the Step Up program. Now Aimie is exploring all the different employment avenues available to her, which will provide her with greater choice and control about where and how she works in the future.

For Aimie, taking part in work experience at Rashays has been an exciting opportunity that will help build on her communication skills, learn to work in a team and increase her work capacity. Aimie will be attending work experience for the next 6 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon to get a few hours of real life experience in the hospitality industry.

Some of the duties Aimie has been completing in her work experience includes; cleaning and sanitising tables and plates, polishing cutlery and putting it into sleeves, interacting with customers and working in a team.

The staff at Rashays have made Aimie feel very welcome and even made a mocktail for her to sample. Management have also invited Aimie to work extra days if she wishes.

Aimie is enjoying her time at Rashays so far and looks forward to going each week. Last week, Aimie was pleasantly surprised to receive a tip from a customer for her excellent customer service when clearing their table, which was an amazing confidence boost!

Do you want to build capacity for the world of work using your NDIS funding? Come take part in Mai-Wel’s Step Up by contacting our team at or 4015 8400.


Aimie standing in front of the entrance to the restaurant Rashays, with the red neon sign above her head.

Pictured: Aimie smiling happily in front of the entrance to Rashays at Stockland Greenhills, where she is completing work experience for the next 6 weeks. 

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