Adam is getting splashed, growing skills and having fun at the pool!

Adam has been greatly enjoying his 1:1 supports from Mai-Wel’s The Hill, where he is assisted to access the community and get out to the Maitland Aquatic Centre.

Adam has been swimming at Maitland Aquatic Centre for over 2 years and during this time he has built bonds and friendships with the lifeguards and community members who enjoy seeing Adam out at the pool. This has been an opportunity for Adam to build on his communication skills through his relationships with community members, pool staff members and of course his Mai-Wel support workers, as he gets out and has some fun in the sun!

Adam has also become more independent while swimming, and enjoys interacting with staff members in a number of ways including when using the splash pad, swimming together, learning new swimming strokes or using pool equipment.

The growth and joy that Adam experiences due to swimming is amazing. He has experienced improvements in his communication skills, his independence and has built solid relationships with a number of different people. As the photos show, Adam is also experiencing a whole lot of happiness while he gets to have fun!

The Hill is a purpose-built centre for lifestyle and leisure day service and activities catering for people with disability who have moderate to high support needs. Participants are assisted to develop their skills, achieve their goals and participate in the community.

To learn more about the social and recreations activities available on The Hill’s page on this site or contact the team on (02) 4057 2900 or


Picture 1: Adam smiling at the end of the waterslide. 

Picture 2: Adam smiling as water begins to splash down on him from the bucket above. 

Picture 3: Adam getting splashed!

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