Mindfulness Monday

Hi everyone,

I’m Amy. The Art Therapy student on placement with Mai-Wel! Some of you may have seen me around The Hub and in Creative Arts earlier in 2020. I believe that being creative is great for our wellbeing and that every person has an inner creative spark.

To help us water the plants of our emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing I would like to invite participants, family members and staff to join in for Mindfulness Arts Mondays.

Mindfulness helps us to bring our attention to the present moment and give us a break from thinking about future or past pressures. Getting in touch with our creative side through making art can help ease worries and stress and, also, making art is fun!

Beginning Monday 4th May, a mindful art activity will be posted as a resource on this page, and Mai-Wel’s Facebook page, that you might like to use at home.

Let’s make art!

Guidelines on making art

If you wish to make art with us, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Have fun!
  • Remember that everyone is an artist.
  • These art activities are about enjoying making an artwork than having a correct final artwork.
  • What things around your home might help you with making art? They can be pens, paper, pencils or even coffee, pillows, your computer, your phone or nature!
  • These art activities will be based on positivity and your strengths!
Guidelines on social media, if you chose to engage in that way
  • Be aware that sharing your artworks on social media can be seen and shared by the public.
  • Be kind and respectful towards each other on social media. Use the comment section of posts to be supportive towards each other’s art.
Activity 1
Activity 2
Acitivity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5
Activity 6
Activity 7
Activity 8
Activity 9
Activity 10