Welcome to Mindfulness Monday Activity 6 – Something that made you smile

Hi Everybody, welcome to the next Mindfulness Monday art therapy exercise.

This week I would like to invite you to reflect on something that made you smile, laugh or just feel good in the last week and make an artwork about it. This activity is about reminding ourselves of a positive aspect of our lives and bringing our attention to that through art making.

We are going to focus on physical things to use as inspiration, like an item or photograph or even a living being like a friend or pet. Think about something or someone that made you feel positive in the last week. It might be an item in your home or room, it might be a picture that you saw online, a tree, flower, or maybe a person or a pet.

Let’s make an artwork with this someone or something as inspiration for the artwork! Use any materials the you might find to make your artwork. It can be a drawing, painting, sculpture or digital artwork, or you might even like to make a song. While making your artwork, bring your attention to the something or someone that brought you some joy. What positive feelings does it bring to you?

If you feel any distress, bring your attention to your breath for a minute and notice air going in and out of your body.

Let’s Make Art!

Amy Lacey
Trainee Art Therapist