Welcome to Mindfulness Monday Activity 4  – Drawing with your eyes closed

Hi Everybody, welcome to the next Mindfulness Monday art therapy exercise!

Today’s art activity is about using drawing to bring your attention to the present.

For this week’s activity you can use any drawing or painting materials that you can find, or you might even like to use a paint application on any device. With these materials we are going to begin drawing with our eyes closed.

With coloured pencils or a pen ready in hand, as well as something to draw on, just close your eyes and begin to draw freely on the paper. Try to give at least 2 minutes to doing this with your eyes closed. Try and bring your attention to the movement of your hand, and just notice how your hand and body feels as you draw. After about 2 minutes open your eyes and look at your creation. You may like to continue your artwork with your eyes open now. This can be a relaxing drawing activity to do, it is also a great way to begin an any artwork if you are unsure of what to draw or paint.

If you feel any distress, bring your attention to your breath for a minute and notice air going in and out of your body.

Let’s Make Art!

Amy Lacey
Trainee Art Therapist