Welcome to Mindfulness Monday Activity 1!

Activity: Find things around your home that are beautiful or that make you happy and take photos of them. This is a positive mindfulness art therapy exercise.

Details: Wander around your home or a room in your home and take a photo whenever you notice something beautiful. Spend some time with each object that you found and notice what it is that drew you to it. Try and bring your attention to these qualities. Is it how it feels when you touch it? Maybe it has a beautiful pattern, beautiful colours, or maybe they way that it moves draws you to it. Does it have a spiritual or cultural significance to you? Does it make you smile or laugh? Try and focus on its positive qualities. Your mind may wander to different thoughts, this is okay. Gently bring your mind back to the object that you have found and its qualities that draw you to it. Take photos using any device, or you might like to draw or paint it instead.

If you chose to take photographs, can you use one of your photographs as inspiration to make an artwork? Let’s practice mindfulness again and focus our attention on the colours, patterns, texture and positive feelings that you might have when looking at it and draw or paint these qualities. You might use pens, pencils, paints or any other material that you might think of.

If you feel any distress, bring your attention to your breath for a minute and notice air going in and out of your body.

Let’s Make Art!

Trainee Art Therapist