Welcome to Mindfulness Monday Activity 8 – Leaf Exercise

Hi Everybody, welcome to the next mindfulness Monday art therapy exercise!

This week’s art activity is about bringing our attention to the present moment through mindfulness and the pleasure of nature.

I’d like to invite you to find a leaf, any leaf. It can be from your backyard or it can be a house plant.
Take a few minutes to look at the colours and texture of the leaf. How many different colours are there? What is the leaf’s texture? What is the shape of the leaf like? Is it round or does it have points? Is there a gentle sound when the leaf is in your hand?

Spend a couple of minutes sensing the leaf, then you might like to make an artwork about it. Your art can be about any aspect of this leaf. This exercise is about enjoying the process of making art as well as feeling the sensations of the leaf, so it does not matter how technical the final artwork looks. While you draw the leaf bring your attention to the colours, textures and shape of the leaf. Your thoughts might wander and this is okay. Try and bring your attention to the leaf and your drawing.

If you feel any distress, bring your attention to your breath for a minute and notice air going in and out of your body.

Let’s Make Art!

Amy Lacey
Trainee Art Therapist

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Amy’s video tutorial

An example of the leaf art work created from this art exercise

Above is an example of an artwork created from this exercise.