Michael practices life skills with a plateful of pancakes!

Back in July, Michael learned to make pancakes in the Thrive Kitchen/Café as part of Mai-Wel’s Step Up initiative. Michael enjoys cooking and wanted to learn new meals he can cook at home.

Making the pancakes was not only a  lot of fun, but gave Michael the opportunity  to practice life skills that can be used at home and in the workplace.

To begin, Michael and Support Worker Nicole went to Woolworths to by ingredients for the recipe. Whilst out in the community, Michael followed the COVID-19 guidelines, using sanitiser and maintaining social distancing. Once the ingredients were picked out, Michael used the self-checkout, with some assistance from Nicole, to put his purchases through.

On arriving back to Mai-Wel’s Thrive Kitchen, Michael prepared the correct utensils and pans to make his pancakes. Nicole assisted with using the stove top, however Michael cooked and flipped the pancakes independently.

Once finished, the only thing left to do was enjoy a lovely morning tea of pancakes with butter and honey on top! The leftovers were placed in a container for Michael to take home and share with his family.

Michael and Nicole finished their pancake making by cleaning up the kitchen while listening to music and having a dance.

Next week, Michael is looking forward to making scones!

For more information on Mai-Wel’s Step Up Transition and Employment Service, visit our School Leaver Employment Support page.