The Mai-Wel Creative Arts team have moved their face-to-face sessions into the digital age by using the video conferencing app Zoom! Using the Zoom platform has allowed participants to continue receiving one-on-one mentoring online, helping them to stay socially connected and creative from the comfort of their own home.

Gabrielle (Gabby) is one Mai-Wel artist who has continued to thrive artistically during isolation with the support of Mai-Wel Creative Arts. Each week she attends an hour long, one-on-one Online Music Mentoring Session with her Music Mentor Dan, as well as a one hour Online Art Mentoring Session with her Art Mentor Denise.

While self-isolating, Gabby has continued to work on new creative musical and artistic projects.

Working with Dan on Zoom (pictured), Gabby has written a song on the ukulele entitled ‘Anxiety’ and has uploaded it to YouTube. Gabby explains how she has used her creativity to turn the negatives of the current situation into a positive artistic endeavour.

“My new song ‘Anxiety’ is about my own experiences of suffering from anxiety and working through it. I hope the song can help others who may be suffering from similar feelings by reassuring them that things do get better.”

When asked about her creative process, Gabby said “I had written an introduction previously and used that as inspiration. The song took a totally different twist after playing some chord progressions and singing over the top. I didn’t even use that intro in the end!”

Gabby has also been working on her drawing and painting skills, exploring her creativity in online sessions with Denise. Gabby has taken this time to get experimental with her art. “I’ve been trying abstract stuff and testing different styles; getting out of my comfort zone” she explains. (See attached pictures).

When asked about her experience with Mai-Wel’s online mentoring, Gabby said “The online program is great! The sessions are very flexible and really enjoyable. I get to socialise and learn new things, all from the comfort of my own home!”

Mai-Wel Creative Arts will continue to offer one-on-one online mentoring sessions until it is safe for services to resume at The Hub in both Maitland and Cessnock. In the meantime, Gabby can continue to be creative and not let COVID-19 restrictions stand in her way.

Gabby had some wise parting words for us all to remember:

“Times are tough at the moment, but have hope! Make sure to stay inside and safe unless you really need to leave the house. Learn something new, or learn something old. Make the most of your time during isolation!”

We think Gabby is right on the money there!

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