With support from Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions, Emily has successfully gained employment as a store assistant at Your Discount Chemist, where she has worked three afternoons a week since she commenced the role at the end of 2019.

Emily’s duties include cleaning, tidying and refilling stock, as well as providing customer service. One of her favourite parts of her role is working alongside her supportive co-workers. Her team makes it easy for her to put on her uniform and badge before each shift.

Over the last seven months in her role, Emily has learnt new skills and gained confidence interacting with both customers and co-workers. She now works independently off her daily task list and needs little support from her MWLFS Post Placement Support Worker, Jodie.

In December Emily attended her workplace Christmas party which is something she would not have done before. Emily’s manager and co-workers have noticed her increased confidence and are proud of how much she has grown while working.

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