Adam’s projects create his own space

In his centre-based supports at The Hill, Adam is working on making a space of his own, full of projects he has independently created. Step one to achieving his goal was for Adam to make a list of activities and projects he could complete to contribute to his goal space. Next was completing them! Over the last couple of weeks Adam has been working away at his project list and here are some pictures of his work in action! Adam’s support staff have seen him come out of [...]

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Another successful AWPCS certification audit for Mai-Wel Enterprises

In business as usual at Mai-Wel Enterprises, the timber manufacturing team took on their regular audit requirements for the AWPCS certification on Thursday. AWPCS stands for the Australian Wood Packaging Scheme which is set by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment with an aim to lessen the risk of unprocessed raw wood introducing and spreading pests and diseases through international trade. For Mai-Wel Enterprises to continue to provide export quality pallets and crates to customers, the AWPCS certification is an absolute must. To date, the [...]

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COVID-19 and Mai-Wel services – We are essential

Mai-Wel has been identified as an essential service. This means we will continue to operate and provide services to participants. Watch our short video below for more information. If you have further questions about Mai-Wel services, please call your regular support contact or 4057 2900. https://youtu.be/37uzkRyLTRE

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COVID-19 and Mai-Wel services, an update

The last few weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind. It seems as though the moment we feel we understand our current situation, we are faced with yet another change, a new set of guidelines and recommendations on how to move forward as an organisation. It is safe to say that COVID-19 has speedily turned our world on its side. It is fluid and ever-developing, however my message to you is that Mai-Wel are prepared and are working through the multiple challenges. The Executive team and key personnel within [...]

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