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Bradley is making a splash at Maitland Pool!

Bradley made a splash at the Maitland Pool! Every Thursday, the team at The Hill, Mai-Wel’s purpose-built centre for lifestyle and leisure day services catering for people with disability with moderate to high support needs, head out to Maitland pool to splash around, have some fun and get some exercise at the same time. Bradley loves heading out to the pool on a Thursday with Support Workers Anna and Chad! As Bradley is unsteady on his feet when on uneven ground, he usually requires support to walk [...]

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Mai-Wel’s Sensational Spaces are now open at The Hill

Mai-Wel’s Sensational Spaces are now open at The Hill! Since late 2019 Mai-Wel’s Sensational Spaces Sensory Project has transformed from the seed of an idea to reality with the support of the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation. The Sensational Spaces project was created to develop and build two sensory rooms and a sensory garden at Mai-Wel’s purpose-built centre The Hill for people with disability with moderate to high support needs. The Sensory Spaces concept could not have been brought to into fruition at this scale without support from [...]

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Richard’s hooked a big one while fishing

Richard’s hooked a big one while fishing with The Hill It was just another day out fishing with The Hill’s Men’s Social and Recreational Squad, but this time with a mighty catch! Richard (pictured) was happily surprised to hook a fish, using bacon for bait! The Men’s Social and Recreational Squad goes fishing on a regular basis at the wharf at Raymond Terrace on the Williams River. Quite often the gents come back from these fishing trips with empty hands, so it was a splendid surprise that [...]

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Ladies at The Hill head out for some archery

Ladies at The Hill head out for some archery! The ladies at The Hill have discovered a new sport they all love – archery! On Wednesdays, the Ladies Social & Recreational Squad venture from The Hill’s centre-based supports, getting out and about in the community. On this occasion, the group got to visit Feral Archery in Rutherford. Archery is a fantastic sport that can be played by people of any age, skillset and ability. It’s a great way to practice hand-eye coordination, keep the body and mind [...]

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The Hill Debuts its New Sensational Sensory Room!

Jesse experiences the benefits of  The Hills new sensational sensory room! The Hill has recently debuted its new sensory room for participants to enjoy a calming and relaxing environment. This new addition to The Hill has already been a hit with many participants and it has been exciting to watch everyone engaging with and enjoying the new resource. Jesse in particular is enjoying the space and is benefitting from engaging with the sensory room experiences, which he now visits several times a day. When Jesse first started [...]

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Adam’s Room Project is Completed!

Earlier in April we heard from Adam, who was working in his centre-based supports at The Hill on making a space of his own. If you missed the story, click here to check it out. For the last couple of weeks, Adam has been very busy completing the major goal for his room – painting! Adam has found painting the walls of his room to be a very fun job, and has gained a sense of independence completing this part of his room project. Photographed, we can see [...]

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Tom’s Hard Work Brings Great Rewards

For the last two years, Tom has received one on one support, three times a week, at The Hill. During this time, Tom has learnt a variety of skills to help maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle and wellbeing. His progress has been nothing short of amazing! Cooking, budgeting and exercise have been three areas that Tom has worked on over the years. Tom’s cooking skills have improved a great deal, and he can now make a variety of meals independently. Banana pancakes are one of his specialities! Tom has [...]

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Adam’s projects create his own space

In his centre-based supports at The Hill, Adam is working on making a space of his own, full of projects he has independently created. Step one to achieving his goal was for Adam to make a list of activities and projects he could complete to contribute to his goal space. Next was completing them! Over the last couple of weeks Adam has been working away at his project list and here are some pictures of his work in action! Adam’s support staff have seen him come out of [...]

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