Supported Employees recognised for service and contribution at annual Supported Employee Anniversary Awards

Mai-Wel’s Supported Employee Anniversary Celebration Each year Mai-Wel celebrates the long service and ongoing dedication of supported employees of Mai-Wel Enterprises through their Annual Supported Employee Anniversary Awards. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, things looked a little different at the award ceremony this year, but it was special nonetheless. The event was held outdoors at Mai-Wel Enterprises, with a thinner crowd of standing friends and colleagues who celebrated these long service milestones For the year 2020, four employees of Mai-Wel Enterprises received their Years [...]

Kane’s Spiel on Mai-Wel Enterprises

The Spiel on Mai-Wel Enterprises Written by Kane, Mai-Wel Enterprises Supported Employee. As 2020 is drawing to a close in six weeks, which has been infamous for all the wrong reasons, including bushfires, COVID-19 and the global financial recession, comes a bright spark located in the Maitland region called Mai-Wel Enterprises. What we do at Mai-Wel Enterprises is file sorting and destruction, box constructing and mail out of brochures for organisations such as the NSW Colour TV Co., Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and many more. We also [...]

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Alfabs production team smash shift best performance record

Alfabs production team smash shift best performance record Mai-Wel Enterprises team of supported employees have been working with Alfabs Engineering Group for some time to meet their production needs. Recently the team of supported employees, Alex, Paul, Zac, Adam, Bobby, Anthony and Dean smashed a new ‘shift best’ by producing over 2,000 completed products, beating the previous shift best of 1,810 and shift average of 1,100. To celebrate the team's incredible production, Alfabs awarded certificates of achievement to the shift operators and thanked the [...]

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Celebrating Supported Employee Anniversaries

Celebrating Supported Employee Anniversaries Each September, Mai-Wel celebrates the long service and ongoing dedication of supported employees at the annual Supported Employee Anniversary Awards. In 2019, supported employees who have worked at Mai-Wel for 10, 15, 30, 35 and 40 years received awards of recognition from Mayor Cr Loretta Baker and Mai-Wel CEO, Lynne Graham. Friends, family and staff were there to celebrate the exciting professional milestones. Anniversaries included: 10 years: Leanne Gregory Leanne Reeve James Brown Tallis Rixon 15 years: Adam Harris Karen Hurst Rebecca Hurst Stephen [...]

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