Michael practices life skills with a plateful of pancakes!

Michael practices life skills with a plateful of pancakes! Back in July, Michael learned to make pancakes in the Thrive Kitchen/Café as part of Mai-Wel’s Step Up initiative. Michael enjoys cooking and wanted to learn new meals he can cook at home. Making the pancakes was not only a  lot of fun, but gave Michael the opportunity  to practice life skills that can be used at home and in the workplace. To begin, Michael and Support Worker Nicole went to Woolworths to by ingredients for the recipe. [...]

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The Hill Debuts its New Sensational Sensory Room!

Jesse experiences the benefits of  The Hills new sensational sensory room! The Hill has recently debuted its new sensory room for participants to enjoy a calming and relaxing environment. This new addition to The Hill has already been a hit with many participants and it has been exciting to watch everyone engaging with and enjoying the new resource. Jesse in particular is enjoying the space and is benefitting from engaging with the sensory room experiences, which he now visits several times a day. When Jesse first started [...]

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Put the ‘Fun’ in ‘Fundraising’ during Move for Mai-Wel

Put the ‘Fun’ in ‘Fundraising’ during Move for Mai-Wel We are all excited to Move for Mai-Wel this August. By walking, wheeling or running, we want to get hearts pumping, have some fun, all while helping to raise funds for the upgrade and development of infrastructure and recreational spaces within Mai-Wel’s homes and facilities! The Mai-Wel Group aims to create an array of spaces for people with a disability in which they can grow, learn and have fun. With funds going towards such a [...]

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Ethan’s Step Up to KFC work experience

Since completing school in 2018, Ethan has been participating in Mai-Wel’s Step Up initiative to develop his employment skills and confidence for working life. With a goal of completing work experience at KFC, Ethan's Step Up supports included centre-based skill building activities, social and communication supports. After a year of hard work, Ethan began work experience at KFC in February 2020, working one morning a week for 12 weeks. This work experience opportunity has been great for Ethan showing that he is able to transfer the skills learnt [...]

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