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Dylan’s hitting the road with his forklift licence!

Dylan’s hitting the road with his forklift licence Dylan was able to successfully gain his forklift licence and is already making use of this in his workplace! While taking part in Mai-Wel’s Step Up program, Dylan is building skills, confidence and capacity for work. He identified that he was extremely interested in the transport industry, and that gaining his forklift licence would be a great first step to entering this industry. Dylan attended the Hunter Plant Operator Training School (HPOTS) at Cessnock for three days, completing both practical [...]

Mai-Wel Enterprises are furniture making with TAFE!

Mai-Wel Enterprises are furniture making with TAFE! Supported employees working in the Timber Manufacturing team at Mai-Wel Enterprises have been turning their practical skills into vocational certification as they begin working towards a Certificate II in Furniture Making! Some time ago, staff at Mai-Wel Enterprises met with TAFE NSW to identify programs that could help their supported employees gain formal qualifications that were based around tasks and skills they were already using in the workshop. Certificate II in Furniture Making was identified as a course that would be [...]

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Supported Employees recognised for service and contribution at annual Supported Employee Anniversary Awards

Mai-Wel’s Supported Employee Anniversary Celebration Each year Mai-Wel celebrates the long service and ongoing dedication of supported employees of Mai-Wel Enterprises through their Annual Supported Employee Anniversary Awards. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, things looked a little different at the award ceremony this year, but it was special nonetheless. The event was held outdoors at Mai-Wel Enterprises, with a thinner crowd of standing friends and colleagues who celebrated these long service milestones For the year 2020, four employees of Mai-Wel Enterprises received their Years [...]

Step Up and Mai-Wel Enterprises work together to support Aiden build skills for work

Step Up and Mai-Wel Enterprises work together to support Aiden build skills for work Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions (MWLFS) offer a range of services for participants to grow and learn to achieve their employment goals, from building work skills and gaining experience while at high school through to gaining and thriving in meaningful employment. Meet Aiden, a MWLFS participant who has been preparing for the world of work with a range of services. Aiden starting his journey with Mai-Wel by attending Get Started program during high school, from [...]

Kane’s Spiel on Mai-Wel Enterprises

The Spiel on Mai-Wel Enterprises Written by Kane, Mai-Wel Enterprises Supported Employee. As 2020 is drawing to a close in six weeks, which has been infamous for all the wrong reasons, including bushfires, COVID-19 and the global financial recession, comes a bright spark located in the Maitland region called Mai-Wel Enterprises. What we do at Mai-Wel Enterprises is file sorting and destruction, box constructing and mail out of brochures for organisations such as the NSW Colour TV Co., Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and many more. We also [...]

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Alfabs production team smash shift best performance record

Alfabs production team smash shift best performance record Mai-Wel Enterprises team of supported employees have been working with Alfabs Engineering Group for some time to meet their production needs. Recently the team of supported employees, Alex, Paul, Zac, Adam, Bobby, Anthony and Dean smashed a new ‘shift best’ by producing over 2,000 completed products, beating the previous shift best of 1,810 and shift average of 1,100. To celebrate the team's incredible production, Alfabs awarded certificates of achievement to the shift operators and thanked the [...]

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Struggling to keep up with you scanning while working from home? Mai-Wel Enterprises can help!

Did you know Mai-Wel Enterprises can scan your business or personal documents for electronic archiving? Make accessing your business’ documents easier by sending them through to the team at Mai-Wel Enterprises to be scanned into a text-searchable PDF/A format. This allows for bulk uploads into digital record management systems. We can change the dreaded search for that ‘one particular line’ from a lengthy venture into the filing cabinet to an easy one-word computer search, without having to leave the comfort of your desk! The cherry on top? Mai-Wel Enterprises ALSO [...]

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Another successful AWPCS certification audit for Mai-Wel Enterprises

In business as usual at Mai-Wel Enterprises, the timber manufacturing team took on their regular audit requirements for the AWPCS certification on Thursday. AWPCS stands for the Australian Wood Packaging Scheme which is set by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment with an aim to lessen the risk of unprocessed raw wood introducing and spreading pests and diseases through international trade. For Mai-Wel Enterprises to continue to provide export quality pallets and crates to customers, the AWPCS certification is an absolute must. To date, the [...]

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