Alex sets up her arts business online

Alex has been a long-time participant of Mai-Wel Creative Arts, with the end goal to transform her art into a business. Over the past few months she participated in three Zoom sessions a week, each focusing on a different aspect of her creative endeavours; developing her artwork with Deanne, building her art business with Denise and mindful art making with Amy. Attending these supports online allowed Alex to continue to explore her creativity during the pandemic lock-down period from the comfort of her own home, setting up her easel in her home studio or outdoors in the sunshine.

Alex has been developing her art practice over the past few years with the goal of presenting her works in other sellable formats as prints and printed products. Using the Redbubble website, Alex has created an online store, which allows Alex’s artwork to reach a wider audience beyond local exhibition opportunities. Through the website, people from all over the world will be able to view her works, get in touch and even purchase her prints in several different forms, such as on cushions, coffee mugs and phone covers!

The development of Alex’s art business has been a focus during many of her Zoom sessions. Using the screen share function during her Zoom sessions with Denise, Alex manages the images and information required to be embedded in her website. By watching Denise update the website through screen share, Alex was also able to familiarise herself with the website platform so that she can one day update it independently.

Alex also utilised her Zoom sessions to clean and prepare artwork photos and resize them for different needs, such as Redbubble products and social media.

On asking Alex how it feels to have her website finally up and running, she said, “Good! It feels like I am a professional artist. It means more people can see my work and buy something with my work on it!”

To browse and buy Alex’s art prints and products, visit her Redbubble site.

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