Mai-Wel is focused on providing vibrant and innovative services with top quality resources and facilities that provide the best opportunities for people with a disability.

Below is some information about the exciting projects underway with Mai-Wel.

Mai-Wel’s Sensational Spaces Sensory Project is now complete!

We are happy to share that the installation of the dedicated sensory rooms and garden at The Hill is now completed and our participants are already enjoying the benefits of the many sensory experiences available.

The two dedicated sensory rooms have been developed to provide sensory stimulation controlled by the user to suit their individual needs. Incorporating the use of projectors, light wheels, fibre optics, lamps, sounds/noises, smells, textures, and tactile sensory objects, the dedicated spaces provide sensory stimulation and relaxation, whilst reducing the barriers that disrupt quality of life and build on the skills necessary for social wellbeing.

Research suggests that multi-sensory stimulation can provide opportunities for people to develop or reactivate their senses. For people with disability, the relaxing and rejuvenating affects of multi-sensory stimulation have long term benefits, including;

  • A reduction in behaviours of concern,
  • Ability to communicate thoughts and feeling in alternate ways,

  • improved social, emotional and physical well-being and improved access, participation and choice for people with disability.

Many thanks to Bliss and the Creative Sensory Spaces team for working with us to deliver the most perfect space for our participants.

To learn more about the Sensation Spaces projects and the benefits of the sensory experiences for Mai-Wel participants, check out the video below.

The project was made possible thanks to those who supported our major fundraising initiatives in 2019/20 and Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation who awarded Mai-Wel with a $60,000 grant towards development, infrastructure and building of the space in 2019. Thanks also to the Kirsop family and Stockland for making donations towards the project which was used to fund essential oils and diffusers for the spaces.