In this strange, new and restricted world of COVID-19, Life FUNdamentals Cessnock participants have found a way to engage together in a world of their own creation!

Taking to the screen and the page, participants have started a Dungeons and Dragons game, which they play together over Zoom. The participants have created characters that have defined personality traits and flaws, their own world view and backgrounds, which the players use to navigate a world designed by the group. In this world they spend time having fun, saving the day and importantly, engaging in complex and educational social situations.


Each character can interact with anything and anyone in this imagined world, building the participants social literacy and problem solving skills. Using dice and language in a fun and creative way also helps participants to practice their literacy and numeracy skills in a creative and immersive way.

This capacity building activity also serves as a way for our participants to engage in social connectedness while staying physically separated during these challenging times. The participants of Life FUNdamentals Cessnock are ready to save their world, learning a thing or two along the way.

Thanks to Ben for sending through this story to us about the innovative and fantastical way Life FUNdamentals has been adhering to the new social distancing standards. It sounds like they’re all having a lot of fun!