While working from home, the Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions Disability Employment Services (DES) and Transition to Work (TtW) teams from both Maitland and Cessnock offices have taken on a walking challenge with a goal of collectively walking the distance of Maitland to Sydney and back in only eight days. That’s a total of 330 kilometres!

26 staff members agreed to take on the walking challenge and after just one day, they had collectively walked to Hornsby. The original challenge just wasn’t enough! The destination was quickly moved further south to Victoria.

The team members created a group chat on Facebook Messenger to share their daily kilometres walked and the tally was counted and plotted on a map as if they were on a holiday road trip together.

On their virtual journey, the team ‘walked’ to Goulburn, Gundagai and Albury, crossed the NSW/Victorian border and ended the challenge at Seymour, just 100 KMS short of Melbourne, in just 8 days .

The group collectively walked 907 kilometres with an an average of 113 kms each day!

The challenge was a great way to encourage daily interaction and kept staff connected while working remotely from home. Walking is also a good physical activity for exercise and to clear the mind.

‘Committed Walker’ certificates were given out to those dedicated members of staff who walked every day. There was also an ‘Elite Squad’ award for those who had walked 10 kms in one day, which nine team members achieved!

Chelsea was the Overall Champion after walking 103 kms in the 8 days.

Whilst this activity was intended just for fun, it really did achieve much more by connecting staff, continuing the sense of ‘team’, encouraged healthy habits and motivating people to introduce some physical activity in their day.

Participating staff said they were motivated by the challenge, had clear minds and those who weren’t regular exercisers enjoyed the extra help to make the physical activity enjoyable.

Thanks to Tracy for sending through this story about the amazing efforts made by the MWLFS staff in their walking challenge!